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Neighbourhood Plan

Kelbrook and Sough make up a rural parish in the heart of the Pennines. Kelbrook is a great example of a traditional Pennine village and is a hidden gem in Pendle. Sough is a small village to the north of Kelbrook. We have chosen to develop a Neighbourhood Plan for the parish under the remit of the Locality Act 2011.

The vision is to retain the rural nature of the parish, to encourage a greater sense of community, promote sustainable economic activity for current and future generations while retaining the rural, farming traditions of the area and encourage the protection of wildlife habitats and biodiversity.

Future development should maintain the unique character of the parish and meet the needs of residents at different stages of their lives through the adoption of appropriate building styles and green spaces.

The Kelbrook and Sough Neighbourhood Plan is being developed under the auspices of the Parish Council by a steering group created by the Parish Council. The steering group comprises of council members, a Borough councillor, a Planning Support Officer and residents of the parish.

At our Open Meeting, we were asked about recording sighted wildlife.    We have chosen to use the application iRecord for this purpose and you can access it at this webpage:  We have written instructions about recording wildlife using 3 alternative methods.

Please check back for futher details, as the plan progresses.